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Fertilization is the second step to a healthy lawn during grow season. Wayne Russell Lawn Care recommends a Colorado Springs’ lawn be fertilized 4 times a year, as most lawns in the area have average soil. Best practice for a lawn fertilization includes combining with an aeration and overseeding. The effects of fertilizing, when combined with other lawn care services, can be dramatic: rejuvenating a brown lawn in a matter of days as opposed to weeks or even months.

Lawn fertilizer is a unique blend of nitrogen, phosphate, and potash and comes in a variety of mixtures. It can be distributed as either a liquid or a solid, each with it’s own advantages. Our service includes the use of a custom blend of solid, organic fertilizer that is safe for pets and kids after application.

Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

  • Reduces Weed Growth: A thriving lawn means a diminishing amount of weeds. This is because the root system of the grass absorbs any nutrients that might have gone to a weed, starving it out.
  • Strengthens Grass: Proper fertilization improves the structure and health of the grassroots (as mentioned above), increase blade thickness, and can boost the color of your lawn.
  • Reduces Mud After Rain: Another benefit that is the result of a healthy, deep root system. Excess water is absorbed through the roots, causing less water to puddle above the surface.

It is important to trust a lawn professional to administer fertilizer to prevent wasted time, money, and resources. Wayne Russell Lawn Care will analyze how much fertilizer to use for your particular lawn based on grass and soil type to ensure optimal growth. This includes determining which custom fertilizer blend to use, how much fertilizer to use, and use of the proper spreader. Improper distribution of fertilizer could result in burning or killing your lawn.

Important Notes

  • The application is relatively quick and simple. Once an analysis is completed, the process only takes 10-15 minutes.
  • No prior preparation is required. Simply schedule an appointment, and your lawn care professional will take care of the rest.
  • Fertilization is best when combined with other lawn care services.

Warning!!! Hiring Wayne Russell Lawn Care LLC may cause large gatherings of gawking, envious neighbors. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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