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Lawn mowing is the process of eliminating a grass plant’s “growing point” by cutting it with a mower blade. Proper yard care in Colorado Springs requires a consistent lawn mowing schedule, keeping grass blades at their optimal height. Consistent mowing influences growth, causing grass to look tightly woven. For best results, Wayne Russell Lawn Care LLC recommends a Colorado Springs’ yard getting trimmed once a week. The best landscapes, like golf courses, utilize this practice.

Mowing should be practiced weekly throughout the grow season.

Grass has a variety of suggested mowing heights depending on what species it is and what the current weather conditions are. Ideally, you are mowing your grass to eliminate the plant’s crown and nothing more. This causes the blade to branch out and become denser, especially if practiced regularly. If Colorado Springs is experiencing drought-like conditions, it is best practice to keep the blades higher than normal. When the weather cools down, especially towards fall, it is typically okay to cut grass blades a little lower.

Benefits of Consistent Mowing

  • Appearance: a short lawn that is even and neat.
  • Resource Distribution: most yards are a combination of grass species. These species grow at different heights, causing resources to distribute unevenly. Keeping your yard even allows balanced distribution of sun, water, and other forms of plant nutrition.
  • Natural Fertilizer: grass shoots left on the lawn are a natural fertilizer. Any leftover debris on the top layer of your yard will compost, and absorb into the soil.

Trusting a lawn care professional with your yard means safety and consistency. Our company uses top of the line equipment to shorten growth, using the safest techniques within our industry. We are able to determine which mow height is optimal for your individual yard and finish in a timely manner.

Important Notes

  • It is common for our company to keep on your individual mow schedule, even if the area has experienced light to moderate rain.
  • Most yards, if average in size, are finished around a half-hours time.
  • Lawn mowing provides the best results when combined with other services.
  • Please mark your sprinklers before we arrive.

Warning!!! Hiring Wayne Russell Lawn Care LLC may cause a dramatic increase in neighbor envy, leading to increased lawn staring. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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