Wetting Agents

Wetting Agents Lawn Care Service Colorado Springs Wayne Russell

Let’s exercise our imagination. Picture your yard healthy, green, and lusciously soft under foot. It’s the envy of the entire neighborhood. After a few months of extreme heat, no rain and improper watering the yard is now dry, brittle, and an unflattering shade of brown.

This is where a wetting agent for yard care can be an vital step in keeping your yard the greenest in Colorado Springs. Wetting agents help your soil maintain the flow of water, both in times of plenty and of drought.

Benefits of Wetting Agents

  • Mosquito Prevention: We all know that mosquitos love standing water. When water is not draining properly through the layers of your yard it provides the perfect breeding ground for these unwanted guests.
  • Save money: A yard that is not absorbing the water is like a leaky faucet, requiring you to water your yard more often wasting money with every drop.
  • Softer playtime: No one wants to play football or have an afternoon picnic on crunchy, loud lawn. A healthy lawn means more time for you and your family doing the things you love in your yard.

While wetting agents are beneficial for your yard, if applied incorrectly or too frequently it can be toxic to the yard. Wayne Russell Lawn Care professionals will access your lawn and soil to determine the best wetting agents for an unmatched result of a green, lush and healthy yard. 

Important Notes

  • No prior preparation is required. Simply schedule an appointment, and your lawn care professional will take care of the rest.
  • This service can only be purchased in combination with another Wayne Russell Lawn Care service.
  • Warning!!! Hiring Wayne Russell Lawn Care LLC may cause a dramatic increase in the awesomeness of your lawn, leading to increased neighbor envy. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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