Power Raking

DeThatch Power Raking Yard Care Service Colorado Springs Wayne Russell

Power raking your lawn, often called de-thatching, is a vital way to keep your grass green, lush and healthy. Wayne Russell Colorado Springs Lawn Care recommends power raking your lawn anytime the thatch is thicker then half an inch and spongy to the feet. Fans of This Old House know that the de-thatching method is used to refresh an unhealthy, dry lawn in the most cost effective way.

A power raking system is often thought of as using a standard leaf rake, however power raking uses motorized rakes that are designed to get down deep into the thick under layers of the dead, decaying grass clippings, leaves, and other lawn debris. This allows for sunlight and nutrients to reach the roots providing the best environment for grass to thrive.

Benefits of Power Raking

  • Stronger seedlings Seeding a yard with a thick, spongy layer of thatch does nothing more then feed the birds. Seeding a freshly power raked yard produces a stronger, greener seedling.
  • Save money A thick layer of thatch prevents water to effectively nourish the roots of growing grass, thus requiring you to water your yard more often wasting money with every drop.
  • Softer playtime No one wants to play football or have an afternoon picnic on crunchy, loud lawn. A healthy lawn means more time for you and your family doing the things you love in your yard.

Should I do this myself?

Homeowners should note that power raking is stressful on the lawn. When done wrong can have opposite results of what you had hoped to achieve leaving your yard down to the bare, ugly bones. When thatch is removed correctly as part of total lawn care maintenance routine, the results are a yard that is the envy of the neighborhood.

Important Notes

  • No prior preparation is required. Simply schedule an appointment, and your lawn care professional will take care of the rest.
  • This service is best when combined with other lawn care services.
  • Warning!!! Hiring Wayne Russell Lawn Care LLC may cause a dramatic increase in the awesomeness of your lawn, leading to increased neighbor envy. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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